Aldus Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Introducing alDUS® alDUS gives you a contemporary design in a composite timber/ aluminium window. The flexibility and quality of the alDUS product range means that we can meet the toughest specifications and deliver your design statement without compromise. Used in a wide variety of projects and with a high design and quality ethos, alDUS will bring a modern style and very low maintenance to your project.

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Aldus Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Aldus Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows
Aldus Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Aldus Composite Timber & Aluminium Windows

Combining the benefits of a timber frame construction with the durability of an external cladding of aluminium, ALDUS is a popular choice of doors and windows from the Rationel collection. This makes ALDUS particularly suitable for harsh environments such as oastal locations, or where exhaust fumes from vehicles are prevalent or in high-rise applications to save on the costs involved with access for maintenance crews. To preserve the timber against rot and degradation, all timber is coated with water-borne treatments prior to manufacturer. Then, the timber can be either painted in a choice of RAL colours, or stained to show off the beauty of the timber again, with water-borne coatings.

Passive House

To reach Passive House level the location, building design and energy concept needs to be carefully thought through. Designing a kindergarden highlights demands on daylight and safety - alongside the energy consumption.

Installation Detail Used In Low Energy Building

When all building components is energy optimised to meet for instance Passive House level, the linear heat loss through joints suddenly stands for a notable heat loss in the overall energy calculation - unless they as the rest of the building are careful detailed with energy consumption in mind. An energy optimised solution can save up to 25% on the heating bill when compared with a regular installation. Continuous insulation and window placement in the wall opening has a substantial influence on potential heat gain and heat loss.


Double- and triple-glazed sealed units with argon or krypton gas can be supplied. The windows as a full unit can meet Secured by Design - if specified.


The timber, aluminium and glass all have the potential of being recycled – making ALDUS one of the most environmentally friendly, sustainable products in the market today.

Energy Performance

Energy Balance

WER1 = -0,8 kWh/m2 with triple glazing and argon. WERnorth = -2,7 kWh/m2 with triple glazing and krypton. WERsouth = 23,9 kWh/m2 with triple glazing and krypton.

Uw Value

Uw1 = 1,01 W/m2K with triple glazing and argon. Uw_north = 0,79 W/m2K with triple glazing and krypton. Uw_north = 0,86 W/m2K with triple glazing and krypton.

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