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December 2018 - Season's Greetings From Euroglaze

We would like to take this opportunity to say a thank you to everyone involved with our company including customers, staff, suppliers and partners for your support during the year. We are looking forward to 2019 and working with all of you again next year. Season’s greetings from all of us and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please be aware Euroglaze will be closing on Friday 21st December 2018 and re-opening on Monday 07th of January 2019. Our last deliveries will be on Friday 21st of December - please order as normal up to this point but we would advise coloured orders are placed with as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment. Deliveries will run as normal from the 7th January 2019. Season's Greetings From Euroglaze

We have had an excellent year and are pleased to be moving into the next year with a positive outlook. We have significant expansion plans and projects planned for 2019 and more news will be made available in this area over the first months of the year.

November 2018 - In The Spotlight - The Rehau Total 70 System

The TOTAL70 system is one of the most, if not the most comprehensive 70mm profile systems on the market. Systems and styles include a multi-chamber system, choice of chamfered TOTAL70C and sculptured TOTAL70S, vast range of window styles, Casement, Tilt/Turn French, Flush Fit, Parallel and Fully Reversible, choice of Residential, French and Tilt/Slide Doors, full range of ancillaries including add-ons and bay poles and common glazing beads and ancillaries. In The Spotlight - The Rehau Total 70 System

Options and performance include fully accredited including Severe Weather Performance, excellent Thermal Performance with 0.8 U Value and BFRC A+, triple glazing option up to 44mm, wide range of standard colours, easy to fit, premium quality with low risk of call backs and over a million units installed.

October 2018 - Marginal Gains Help Make Euroglaze Greener & More Efficient

Just a few months after announcing that they have started fabricating in Rehau’s Total70 co-extruded profile, leading trade fabricators Euroglaze have turned their attention to reducing their environmental footprint in other areas as well. The Barnsley based company has introduced a truly paperless ordering option for all customers, who can now place orders online and receive their order confirmation, invoice, delivery note and statement via email or via the cloud. Marginal Gains Help Make Euroglaze Greener & More Efficient

They have also switched to paperless purchasing wherever possible – encouraging all those suppliers who are still sending paper acknowledgements and invoices to join their mission to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Internally, it is focusing on achieving a paperless factory and office environment, with electronic production scheduling replacing paper T-cards and bar code scanning being used to monitor frames around the factory.

Martin Nettleton, Managing Director of Euroglaze, explained the difference that this is making: “Whilst our mission is to become greener, the whole process is making us more efficient as well. Where once every order and every frame had pieces of paper associated with them, many of which carried vital information, now this is all done using electronic processes that leave nothing to chance. Important notes and details can be confirmed as having been read and we can trace and maintain accountability in almost every process within the company. We can ensure that our product is right first time, every time.

“As we chop down fewer trees and waste less toner, we also improve training and traceability at every stage of production. This fits perfectly with our philosophy of continuous improvement. Our quality circles can see accurate information on where we need to get better and can come up with ideas to make it so.”

Marginal Gains Help Make Euroglaze Greener & More Efficient

For Euroglaze customers, the paperless initiatives are delivering a simpler and more streamlined buying experience and also a faster reaction to queries. With video imaging in place across much of the factory, Euroglaze can check instantly if mistakes have been made at ordering or fabrication stage and deliver a quick and efficient response.

Martin added: “As a keen cyclist, I’m a real advocate of the great coach Dave Brailsford’s mantra of ‘marginal gains’. Every aspect of the business is continually being scrutinised to identify areas where we could increase efficiency, consistency and accountability, while also reducing our costs and environmental impact. After all, the greener and more efficient we become, the better the service we can deliver to customers.”

September 2018 - Mick Mckeague Has Retired After 23 Working Years With Euroglaze

Our trusty storeman Mick Mckeague has retired after 23 working years with Euroglaze. Euroglaze gave him a good send off and his quirky quotes and sweets will be missed. Good luck to Mick. We value all of our staff across the whole company and feel proud that Mick has been with us for so long. Mick Mckeague Has Retired After 23 Working Years With Euroglaze
Mick Mckeague Has Retired After 23 Working Years With Euroglaze Mick Mckeague Has Retired After 23 Working Years With Euroglaze

The current Managing Director, Martin Nettleton took over the reins of the business in 1999 after spending seven years with global electronics giant Canon. Martin has instigated many positive changes at Euroglaze and has helped to bring the business to the forefront of lean manufacturing techniques, adopting many practices more commonly seen in modern motor manufacturing. One of the most important components over the years is our team and the people within the business.

August 2018 - Euroglaze Welcomes Rehau’s Recycling Initiative

Euroglaze has become one of the first trade fabricators to start manufacturing windows using Rehau’s new co-extruded Total 70 profiles, which use a virgin skin around a 100% recycled core. The Barnsley based company says that, in the wake of Blue Planet II and the ongoing furore around the use and disposal of single use plastics, it is delighted to be able to promote a positive plastic recycling message out to its customers. Managing Director Martin Nettleton explained: “From the perspective of a PVC-U trade fabricator, Rehau’s switch to a sustainable co-extruded core for profiles in its Total 70 range couldn’t have come at a better time. Euroglaze Welcomes Rehau’s Recycling Initiative

“We know that retail buyers are increasingly questioning the choices they make with regard to all types of plastics, but, as has been demonstrated by Rehau’s investment in the PVC-R facility to recycle its own frames, the PVC-U window industry is actually way ahead of other sectors when it comes to recycling.

“We’ve created a brand new marketing campaign to promote that sustainability message to the trade, and we will be helping the stockists and installers who buy from Euroglaze to pass it on to environmentally conscious retail customers. We want everyone who buys our frames to understand that not only are they made from recycled materials, but that the material they are made from can be recycled up to 10 more times as well.”

What is particularly reassuring for Euroglaze is Rehau’s guarantee that the quality and performance of the co-extruded Total 70 profiles is entirely comparable with 100% virgin material. Martin added: “The product has all the same performance characteristics as its less environmentally sound predecessor which had just 10% recycled material in it, and it passes through all our machinery in exactly the same way.

“We are confident that it will give us and, just as importantly the companies who buy from us, a great opportunity to win new business.”

July 2018 - Saving The Planet Is Good For Business

Barnsley based Euroglaze was one of the first trade fabricators to start manufacturing in Rehau’s new co-extruded TOTAL70c profile, featuring virgin material around a recycled core, and is now using it in an increasing number of its chamfered frames. Windows Active talked to Managing Director Martin Nettleton about whether he thinks it represents a competitive advantage for him and for his customers.Saving The Planet Is Good For Business

How important do you think it is to installers that the PVC-U windows they buy are made from recycled profile?
From the feedback we’ve had so far, I think they probably fall into two camps. There are those who don’t really care about recycling and who are happy to buy the profile because it’s Rehau quality and comes with all the security of that and all the necessary product guarantees, and then there is a larger and certainly faster growing group who want to be able to reassure their retail customers that they are making an environmentally sustainable purchase.Saving The Planet Is Good For Business

And, how important is it to consumers? (Do you think they would ever be willing to pay more?)
The awareness of the need to eliminate single use plastics from our lives has been growing dramatically over recent years, and not just as a result of Blue Planet 2. You only need to look at the shift in attitudes towards the plastic carrier bag to see how quickly public opinion shifted from resentment at the initial imposition of a surcharge through to acceptance and widespread use of ‘bags for life’. While there isn’t the same pressure on PVC-U windows at the moment as there is on other types of plastic, I think that could easily change very quickly, and I’m happy to be in a position where we’re fully prepared for that.

Whether consumers would ever be willing to pay more though is a difficult question – when it comes to the environment, public opinion has proved notoriously difficult to predict. As I understand it, the recycling process does make the extrusion of the profile marginally more expensive currently but as these processes start to benefit from economies of scale, then this cost is likely to fall, so it should be perfectly possible to do your bit for sustainability without needing to charge a premium anyway.Saving The Planet Is Good For Business

Do you think you will win new business as a result of your switch?
Yes I do - the market is clearly demanding a recycled solution now and we’ve been quick off the mark to get on board with that. It’s a win win really because I think our trade customers will be able to win business on the back of it too.

Has the switch to the co-extruded Rehau profile made any difference to your manufacturing?
No, the product has all the same performance characteristics as its less environmentally sound predecessor which had just 10% recycled material in it. It passes through all our machinery with no problems at all.

Do you think there is room in the market yet for a profile which is 100% recycled?
Probably not yet. I’m sure it is scientifically possible but, unless a 100% recycled profile could perform to exactly the same standard as current products and at more or less the same cost, then I don’t think it would be viable, at least not in the short term.

How does Rehau’s move fit with Euroglaze’s environmental strategy?
It’s a very welcome addition of course. We’ve been taking baby steps at Euroglaze towards a more coherent environmental strategy for some time, through things like using more efficient machinery and switching to LED lighting throughout the production facility. It would be fair to say though that both of these steps were at least as significant in terms of cost reduction, and I certainly don’t see why there should be any disconnect between behaving more sustainably and reducing cost.

Another example of that is our current quest to eliminate all the unnecessary paper and printing from the business and, with the advent of our ultra-reliable delivery system, customers can now proceed all the way from placing an order through to getting their invoice without having to use, file or destroy a single piece of paper. We’re even using an electric car now for all our everyday mileage and, while that has no particular benefit to our customers, it does illustrate perfectly how open minded and forward thinking we’ve become when it comes to the environment.Saving The Planet Is Good For Business

June 2018 - Meet Your Euroglaze Customer Service Team

Euroglaze have some good news on our customer service team. We have a replacement for the lovely Janet and it's the same Janet. We are pleased to say Janet has returned to join Rosie, Nicky and Gemma in our Customer Service team here at Euroglaze. We now have our full team all ready to go and we are here to provide you with a high quality serviceMeet Your Euroglaze Customer Service Team

Pictured above are Janet, Gemma, Nicky and Rosie your Customer Service Team. They can help with any queries on quotes or orders or any assistance with technical queries or remote ordering. If you're not sure who in the organisation to ask, they should always be your first port of call on 01226 702540.

May 2018 - New Rehau Heritage Windows 2018 Brochure Launched

The REHAU Heritage window system is designed to incorporate all the desirable traditional features of a timber sash window, yet with all the additional benefits and conveniences of modern PVCu. The system includes all the classic detailing found in period sash windows, including a deep bottom rail, slim sashes for improved sightlines and an optional Georgian bar. Click here to download the latest brochure. New Rehau Heritage Windows 2018 Brochure Launched

The system has two sashes built into the frame which slide in opposing directions and will remain fixed in any position. A sub-frame, which makes up three sides of the window, is the most popular configuration and is welded at the top two corners whilst mechanically joined at the bottom with a sill and screws. The sill is sealed off at each end with an end cap to prevent water ingress into the walls of the property. The sub-frame can also be an all-welded construction with a clip-in sill. This detail is used in installations where stone sills are present. The three-chambered sash profiles are designed with two front chambers to achieve good heat insulation and allow isolated drainage. The third chamber allows the fitting of specifically designed reinforcement sections.

April 2018 - Euroglaze Wins Praise For Quality

When a customer tells you that the windows you are supplying are the best manufactured they have seen in more than 20 years, then you know that you are probably dealing with the right fabricator. Trade stockist J3 Windows, based in Aberdare, South Wales started buying Rehau frames from Euroglaze when it set up in October last year, and the feedback from installers, builders and developers to the product quality has already been fantastic. One leading retail installer based in Cardiff told J3 that the windows were the best he has fitted in his whole career and, as a result, he has switched all of his business to J3. Euroglaze Wins Praise For Quality

Stuart Williams, one of the three experienced partners behind J3, explained: “We looked at several Rehau trade fabricators when we were starting up and Euroglaze were by far the most interested in our business. They made it clear that they wanted to build a relationship with us and even invited us up to Barnsley to see the factory for ourselves. “When we were there, we could see straightaway the quality and attention to detail at every stage of manufacturing and the efficiency which enables them to offer delivery to us in just three working days. Euroglaze Wins Praise For Quality

“Pricing is competitive and customer service is outstanding – we definitely feel that we have found the right fabrication partner to help us move forward as a trade supplier in this part of South Wales.” Martin Nettleton, Euroglaze’s Managing Director is delighted with the response. He added: “All of our customers can take our product quality for granted – our lean manufacturing operation and quality circles approach mean that every process is being continually reviewed and improved so that even our internal rejection rates are less than 1%. “And, as we have demonstrated to J3, we work hard to build a personal relationship with every customer and constantly invest in initiatives like paperless deliveries and video imaging at despatch to ensure that our service matches that of even our biggest corporate competitors.”

March 2018 - Rehau Windows & Door Colour Offering Refreshed

Our Rehau Windows & Doors Colour offering has had a refresh with four new colour collections featuring all 25 of our solid & woodgrain finishes. The four new collections include the Contemporary Collection, the Timeless Collection, the Traditional Collection and the Statement Collection. Rehau Windows & Door Colour Offering Refreshed

Contemporary Collection, building on the growing popularity for black and grey PVCu windows, which mimic the minimalist look of aluminium windows. The Contemporary Collection includes a selection of blacks and greys. Timeless Collection, presenting great colour choices for period properties, including Clotted Cream, Chartwell Green and new foils Silver Birch and Windsor. Traditional Collection, offering options for those looking for an old-fashioned timber finish and brings together a number of REHAU’s best sellers including Golden Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany. Statement Collection, featuring more daring colour choices, including reds, blues and greens.

February 2018 - Euroglaze Switch Without A Hitch Service Proves Popular

Euroglaze officially launched its Switch without a Hitch service at the start of this year, with the specific aim of making the process of switching supplier as smooth and rewarding as possible. The Rehau trade fabricator has brought together its distinctive blend of friendly efficient customer service and precision quality products into a package which is easily accessible for stockists and installers. Euroglaze Switch Without A Hitch Service Proves Popular

Switch without a Hitch guarantees that the Euroglaze team will be by the customer’s side every step of the way. From the outset, new customers are allocated a dedicated customer service advisor within Euroglaze who walks them through all their early orders from initial contact to delivery, and they are introduced to the despatch team and regular driver to discuss their specific delivery requirements.

The aim is to make all new customers feel part of the Euroglaze family and ensure that they get exactly what they expect right from the start of the relationship. While the official Switch without a Hitch package is new, Euroglaze has actually been offering the one to one service which is at the heart of it for nearly a year, and some of the first companies to benefit from that have spoken about the benefits.

Tim Randell, for example, from retail installer Wiser Improvements in Tardebigge, near Bromsgrove, explained: “Working with Euroglaze has been a great journey so far. As a young business, we understand that developing a good working partnership with our suppliers is vital to our success. “Euroglaze has become a big piece in our jigsaw now, and we couldn’t be happier with the products and service we receive. Our dedicated customer service advisor Nicky Park is key to that. She sorts out all our enquiries and resolves any issues we have promptly and efficiently.

“Euroglaze have shown that they are customer driven and will go above and beyond to make sure they meet the high standards they promise. We’re certainly looking forward to developing and growing with them as our fabrication partner.”

And, John Aston from AT Plastics in Warrington was similarly enthusiastic about the support from the customer service team. He added: “We started working with Euroglaze when we were a start up business last year. We have a great relationship with all the staff there, but I would like to personally thank Nicky for looking after us in the early days. We’re very excited about continuing our partnership with them for plenty more years to come.” Euroglaze supplies what is arguably the widest range of Rehau products of any UK supplier, matching bigger fabricators on range, quality and price but constantly striving to outdo them on service.

January 2018 - Introducing Agila Sliding Doors

AGILA Sliding Doors are perfect for modern living, combining superior design and engineering to bring outstanding versatility and create a feeling of openness in any home. Versatile and good looking, the Sliding Door offers slim sightlines, thereby adding light and freedom. It is ideal as a traditional patio door, entrance door or a door leading to a conservatory. Introducing Agila Sliding Doors

With PVCu Sliding Doors providing energy efficiency, noise reduction and low maintenance, it is the perfect choice for any application. The product features 86mm Overall Depth (160mm Triple Track Frame), 60mm Sash Width, Common REHAU Glazing Platform, Triple Glazing Option (36mm), Entry Level & Enhanced Security Option (PAS24), PVC and Aluminium Interlock Options, REHAU Branded and supplied hardware, Coupling Section for Total70, Compatible with Ancillary Range, Pre-Inserted Gasket & Brush Pile, PVCu Infill Panel & Aluminium Tread plate, Part M Compliant Low Threshold under development & 8 Colour Options available ex. stock.

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