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December 2020 - Euroglaze Raising Funds For Retina UK

As you may know we have been raising funds to try and hit our target of 10k as we are supporting Retina UK as this is the only charity dedicated solely to working for people affected by the inherited sign loss experienced by our Managing Director Martin Nettleton and his brother Simon. It is therefore close to the hearts of everyone here at Euroglaze and there’s a huge amount of determination and enthusiasm to raise as much cash as possible, the current amount raised is £6,125 and I have attached the details of the Just Giving page for your perusal at Euroglaze Raising Funds For Retina UK

To get us all in the Christmas spirit we will be holding an xmas raffle here at Euroglaze, this will be all kinds of Xmas goodies and we are asking if you would kindly donate something to this; it doesn’t have to cost a lot I would appreciate anything from a bottle to a selection box. Raffle tickets are also on sale so if you wish to take part and join please donate on the Just Giving page and drop me a email and I will arrange tickets at my end. If you would be so kind to donate us a prize please can mark it with a label saying for the attention of Nicky.

December 2020 - Christmas Approaching

Euroglaze Ltd.'s offices and factory our last working day for the Festive Season will be Wednesday 23rd December 2020 and re-opening on Monday 4th January 2021. Please bear this in mind when ordering in the weeks before this date and the knock-on effect it will have on your deliveries in the week commencing 21st December. Our latest delivery days will be:

Thursday 17th December
Friday 18th December
Monday 21st December
Tuesday 22nd December
Wednesday 23rd December

Business as Usual at Euroglaze

As always Euroglaze tries to minimise the effect this break has on our customers. (Although we want to avoid any sleep out runs and late deliveries so early orders would be appreciated to allow production and despatch to plan accordingly).

Please be aware, we and the suppliers have limited stocks at the moment, as well as unprecedented levels of orders. Therefore, it is important that orders are placed as soon as possible. Due to current nil stocks, we cannot guarantee delivery dates, but we will endeavour to accommodate where possible.

Please don't hesitate to contact Rosie and the team if you have any questions. Take care and keep yourselves safe. Thank you for your cooperation - Happy Christmas and best wishes for a Prosperous New Year!

November 2020 - Business as Usual at Euroglaze

Following the announcement of a second lock-down on Saturday, I sought reassurances from Liniar and REHAU that they would be following the clear advice that manufacturing and construction should continue to support the economy. Both made it clear that they would be extruding profile over the next month and so long as the supply chain remains supportive, we at Euroglaze will be at your service.. Business as Usual at Euroglaze

Please don't hesitate to contact Rosie and the team if you have any questions. Take care and keep yourselves safe.

Yours sincerely

Martin Nettleton
Managing Director

October 2020 - Lead Time Message From Euroglaze MD Martin Nettleton

I may be a lone voice, but, having spent so many years building Euroglaze into one of the most efficient fabricators in the UK, I’m struggling to understand why there seems to be a growing consensus around the idea that the market now needs to be re-educated to accept longer lead times. Lead Time Message From Euroglaze MD Marting Nettleton

I accept there are supply issues at the moment, on glass, hardware and particularly on coloured profile, which are obviously impacting on many people’s ability to get orders out the door. However, these are just temporary and shouldn’t, in my opinion, be used to justify any kind of inefficiency moving forward.

I’ve read comments in the press and online over recent weeks that it would be better for the market if installers, who generally have a few weeks’ work booked in, accepted lead times of 7-14 days. This, it is argued, would give fabricators more time to ramp up volumes, eliminate mistakes and get their quality consistently right which, in the long run, would benefit their customers.

Frankly, I just don’t see any justification for that position. Why should installers have to adapt their business model to accommodate the deficiencies of their supplier?

At Euroglaze, we are still offering our standard Rehau white windows on a 3 and a half day lead time, with almost zero errors. As long as we have the components in stock, there’s a maximum 90 minutes of operator interaction required to make that window. Using Kanban lean production methods, we know exactly how many windows we can make in a day and we can set a daily cap based on that capacity, without any work in progress backlog.

Post lockdown, and in response to the surge in demand, we’ve restructured our entire operation onto a continental shift pattern which has doubled our capacity with just a 25% increase in manpower. We tell customers as soon as they place an order whether any items are out of stock so that there are no nasty surprises when they get their delivery and we give them a guaranteed lead time.

We’re not the cheapest in the market obviously, and nor we would want to be if that meant compromising on either quality or efficiency. We do save our customers money though, because they know that their orders will be right first time and they won’t have to struggle with missing items, rejects or remedials.

The pandemic will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on this industry, but it doesn’t have to be entirely negative. If it forces manufacturers to become more efficient and puts an end to the race to the bottom on price, then it will be installers, who are the lifeblood of this industry, who will ultimately benefit.

Yours sincerely

Martin Nettleton
Managing Director

September 2020 - Smart Approach To Deliveries From Euroglaze

Efficiency is at the core of the Euroglaze operation, so it’s no surprise that the Barnsley based Rehau fabricator has found the most efficient way to maintain its 3.5 day lead times and nationwide delivery service in a Covid-19 secure way. A new van, complete with sleeper cab and microwave, means that individual drivers can now make socially distanced deliveries across the whole of the UK, without needing to stay overnight in hotels or travel in pairs. September 2020 - Smart Approach To Deliveries From Euroglaze

Managing Director Martin Nettleton explained: “Demand is surging for Euroglaze products, particularly because our lean manufacturing operation means we’re able to beat most of the market on lead times. “We’ve therefore invested in an additional new vehicle, complete with driver accommodation, so that we can get the products out to customers as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible and still maintain free delivery on most orders. Euroglaze’s despatch and delivery service was already amongst the smartest and most responsive in the industry. A bespoke tracking and alarm system ensures that only complete orders can be loaded on and off its vehicles, and ancillary packing and bagging is all video recorded so that any queries can be instantly resolved.

September 2020 - Smart Approach To Deliveries From Euroglaze

September 2020 - Smart Approach To Deliveries From Euroglaze

August 2020 - Doing More With Less – the Legacy of Lockdown

By Martin Nettleton, Managing Director, Euroglaze Doing More With Less – the Legacy of Lockdown Like most PVC-U fabricators, we returned to work post-lockdown with a reduced workforce. Cautious about how demand would recover and constrained by the new social distancing requirements, we initially brought only 50% of our production team back from furlough. Within a few weeks though, that 50% was manufacturing 80% of our usual output; and we’re definitely not the only manufacturer to experience that.

Euroglaze was already a highly efficient business, built on the principles of lean manufacturing, and we were confident that we were probably amongst the market leaders in terms of output per fabricator. However, what we learnt in those weeks during and immediately after lockdown, when we had to reorganise our factory and strip back every process to minimise contact, was that we were all actually capable of even more.

The kneejerk response might have been to gradually build the team back up to the optimal level and restore our previous position. However, with demand booming and even more opportunities possibly coming as a result of the government’s green grant announcements, our plan at Euroglaze is actually to introduce a second shift for the remaining 50% of our team and potentially increase our output to 160% of pre-lockdown levels.

It’s obviously not that simple a calculation, but we will certainly be able to deliver the increases in volume which we will need to keep pace with our customers, without sacrificing the efficiencies we have already achieved; and if that is one of the legacies of lockdown, then it’s a remarkable one.

Post lockdown of course, business is no less competitive than it ever was, and it will be the businesses which are the most efficient which I think will emerge from this crisis as the winners. As we’ve seen from some of the high-profile casualties during this period, it is no good being competitive on price if that comes at the expense of your overall profitability and leaves you with nothing left to invest in customer service.

As I see it, the only way to stay both competitive and profitable is to focus relentlessly on your own efficiency. Only then can you really add value to your customers’ businesses and demonstrate that they don’t have to choose either service or price. Pick the right supplier and it is perfectly possible to have both.

As well as production, the lockdown has given Euroglaze the opportunity to look for other ways to do more with less. I’m a great believer in the concept of marginal gains and we’ve focused particularly on customer service and how we interact with customers.

I know that our customer service team are one of our biggest assets and have great relationships with our customers, but equally I know that phoning us to ask what time a delivery is due or whether we have a specific item in stock is a waste of time and money for our customers.

That’s why we’re extending the use of our bespoke DS system which gives us full traceability of every item in the factory and lets our customers access much of that data as well.

We already have Eurostock which alerts a customer to an item which is out of stock when they place an order online or on the phone, allowing them to choose an alternative or reschedule their workflows, and we also have an alert which means incomplete orders can’t be loaded or unloaded from our vans.

But now we’re targeting the kind of order tracking that we’ve all got used to with our online shopping during lockdown, enabling customers to see exactly where their order is from start to finish and know the point up to which they can potentially make changes.

We’re incentivising Euroglaze customers to use our Windows on the Web online ordering tool because we know it saves time for them and for us and we’re already working on a new delivery app.

Lockdown presented us all with a unique opportunity to re-examine our businesses and work out ways to be even better. We will probably never have that chance again.

July 2020 - The Rehau Advantage

REHAU’s extensive range meets the requirements of renovation and new construction applications in residential and commercial buildings. With nearly 60 years of expertise in product research and development, REHAU is renowned for the most innovative, well engineered designs. REHAU offers an advanced range of window styles that can be mixed and matched for new buildings and replacement applications. Whether it is a folding door or a French door, a tilt and turn or an arched window you are looking for, with REHAU window systems the possibilities are virtually unlimited. The Rehau Advantage

When it comes to style and range of windows, REHAU has left few stones unturned. Everything from inward and outward opening windows, single windows to multi light windows with transoms, sliding windows and doors, balcony doors as well as solutions for conservatories. French doors, arched windows, non-rectangular constructions or Georgian bars - the creativity possibilities are virtually unlimited. We offer you the strength of a world-leading brand of polymer based solutions. One that is backed by outstanding innovations, the most modern manufacturing technologies and flexible logistics. You’ll discover in REHAU a future-oriented and reliable partner with a width and depth of expertise second to none.

June 2020 - Seize Your Window Of Opportunity

How windows can unlock the potential of your commercial project. When it comes to the design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of large projects, a whole host of considerations need to be made. From the fabric that is key to the building’s look, to the building services that ensure it performs to its full potential, countless factors go into making sure the users of a building are as pleased with its performance as they are with its appearance. Seize Your Window Of Opportunity

The priority for replacement windows may be achieving a refreshed look with enhanced performance without having to reapply for planning permission, whereas new build projects generally have more specific criteria relating to occupant safety, ventilation levels, and daylight use. But with so many considerations to be made when it comes to selecting and installing the right window for a commercial building, how can we make sure those tasked with specifying windows make the most informed choice? That is where this guide comes in.

May 2020 - Euroglaze Are Fully Operational

Euroglaze are pleased to announce that we can offer the very best turnaround times guaranteed in the UK for fabricated PVCu Windows and Doors. We are 100% operational, ensuring the wellbeing of all involved at the company including staff, suppliers and customers. If you are looking at contracts, projects or a PVCu fabricator partnership for 2020 or into next year we are ready to take your call and enquiry. Euroglaze Are Fully Operational

Our design and estimating team is full of talented professionals that are behind the delivery of every project. We are proud to say that we are a group of skilled, motivated and dedicated experts who are inspired to be better every day. We are incredibly proud of the people who make our business what it is.

April 2020 - Contemporary Composite Door Deals Available During Spring

Euroglaze are offering all customers new and existing £150 off their 10th Doorco composite ordered between 1st April 2020 and 31st July 2020. Doorco Contemporary Composite Doors for the 21st Century. Our Composite Doors with a combination of traditional looks and advanced manufacturing techniques. Contemporary Composite Door Deals Available During Spring

Our doors are available in a range of standard colour and woodgrain finishes, but with our state of the art paint plant, we can now provide a wide range of specialist colours and a colour matching service. For any further information please contact us on

March 2020 - COVID-19 17th March 2020

With the spread of the Covid-19 virus causing such uncertainty, I am writing to you to reassure you that we are taking all possible steps to maintain a reliable supply of products and customer service. COVID-19 17th March 2020

We have been given assurances that our key supply chains are intact, with REHAU, Liniar, Maco et al confirming stocks in the UK and the continued movement of goods across Europe. This is subject to some delays as European borders are installed, but EU Governments are making clear that cargo must not be stopped.

At the factory, our priority is to care for the health and well-being of our colleagues, our customers and their families. With this in mind, hygiene is being prioritised in the workplace with the installation of hand sanitisers, enhanced cleaning regimes and regular hand washing. The team are being encouraged to self-isolate on a sensible basis in line with Government guidance, in an effort to maintain a viable workforce throughout.

Our delivery drivers will be provided with gloves and asked to handle your frames and ancillaries only whilst wearing these, If you wish to take deliveries from us in a contactless manner, we are happy to discuss with you how we might achieve this.

As the situation continues to develop, we will issue further updates when necessary. We believe that by working together and taking sensible precautions, we can continue to provide our usual excellent service.

March 2020 - Saving Time & Lives

Installers who need 30-minute PVC-U fire windows in a hurry can now order the most popular sizes from specialist fabricator Euroglaze from stock. The Barnsley based fabricator, one of only a handful of accredited companies in the UK trained and trusted by REHAU to manufacture its RAUFERNO range of fire rated windows, says it is responding to demand from customers. March 2020 - Saving Time & Lives

Managing Director Martin Nettleton explains: “Installers often only need one or two fire rated windows for protected areas on a larger scale contract and they don’t want to be held up waiting several weeks just for those. We’ve analysed the most popular sizes and are now offering both 600mm x 1000mm and 1000 x 1000mm windows from stock, with cills available if required.

“What’s more, our prices on these sizes are very competitive and we can deliver anywhere on the UK mainland in just five working days.”

Euroglaze's RAUFERNO 30-minute fire rated windows meet Building Regs Part B requirements and are classified to BS476 Part 22 (tested to BS476 Part 20). Based around REHAU’s popular TOTAL70 profile system, they have all the design and security benefits of conventional PVC-U windows but with a patented intumescent insert which provides the safety and security of more traditional fire rated products.

The in stock RAUFERNO frames come with a 20mm double glazed unit with 7mm Pyrobolite to the outside, 4mm non-wired float glass to the inside and an 8mm steel spacer. Other sizes and specifications are available on standard lead times of 4 to 6 weeks.

Martin Nettleton adds: “As accredited REHAU RAUFERNO fabricators, our expert team can advise on exactly the right fire-rated window for every application. More details are available on: or by giving us a call on: 01226 702553.”  Information on the RAUFERNO range is at

February 2020 - Prize Door Winner Announced

When Barnsley based fabricator Euroglaze launched what it called the ‘perfect’ range of composite doors for the trade towards the end of 2019, it was delighted with the response it got from customers. So much so that it has launched a prize draw to reward one of the first 10 customers who placed orders during the first month with a free door. The winner of that draw was Next Gen Glazing. Prize Door Winner Announced

Next Gen Glazing, also of Barnsley, a trade and retail specialist, who have now received a free DoorCo composite door, complete with REHAU outerframe, Mila hinge, Maco locking system and Fab & Fix hardware. Matthew Butler Next Gen Glazing, was delighted: “We’ve been ordering windows and PVC doors from Euroglaze for a while and like the combination of quality and personal service that they provide. When they announced the launch of the composite door, it made perfect sense for us to order those as well from such a credible, local supplier, and it was a real bonus to get our first order free!”

The winning door has been installed at the home of a Next Gen Glazing director, demonstrating just how much faith the company has in the quality of the Euroglaze product. The prize draw is just the latest in Euroglaze’s programme of celebrations to mark its 40th anniversary in business and its 35th year in partnership with REHAU. The company has already held a Fun Day, a sponsored van pull, and a virtual bike ride from Lands End to John o’Groats, as it aims to raise £10K for its chosen charity partner – Retina UK. Euroglaze’s Managing Director Martin Nettleton added: “We wanted to involve our customers as well as our staff in our celebrations and this seemed like a nice way to give them something back.” More details are at the website:

January 2020 - Proud To Be Raising Awareness For Retina UK

Euroglaze have a long standing association with our chosen charity Retina UK. We are supporting Retina UK as this is the only UK charity dedicated solely to working for people affected by the inherited sight loss experienced by our Managing Director Martin Nettleton and his brother Simon. It is therefore close to the hearts of everyone here at Euroglaze and there's a huge amount of determination and enthusiasm to raise as much cash as possible. Proud To Be Raising Awareness For Retina UK

We have generated just over £6,000 of our initial target of £10,000 over recent months so a big thank you to all of you that have either participated or donated. Retina UK are looking to promote a vision where everyone with inherited sight loss is able to live a fulfilling life. By stimulating and funding medical research, they have increased the understanding of these conditions and accelerate the search for treatments for the future. The information and support they provide helps people lead better lives, today. They seek to ensure no-one with inherited sight loss need feel alone.

For any further information regarding Euroglaze, please contact us on 01226 702553 or email at

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