Vertical Sliders

REHAU Heritage is the brand name for a particular group of REHAU PVC-U window and door extruded profiles and other components collectively known as the Window ‘System’. The word ‘System’ describes that the individual profiles and components have been designed in such a way as to be capable of being used with each other in different combinations to make a variety of window styles in different sizes.

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Vertical Sliders

REHAU Ltd. Is the ‘System’ designer and produces and sells the PVC-U extrusion profiles. Other components of the system such as plastic mouldings, steel reinforcements and gaskets are designed and sold by REHAU but not necessarily made by REHAU. Please note that REHAU Ltd. is not the window designer, manufacturer or installer. These functions are in the hands of the independent window fabrication and installation companies who purchase their components from REHAU Ltd., or each other.

However, as the system designer, REHAU has created manufacturing guidelines, reinforcement guidelines, recommended maximum sizes, recommended installation procedures – all in an attempt to ensure that the fabrication companies manufacture and install finished products, incorporating REHAU components, that are safe and perform well in use. In most instances safety and performance criteria are taken from national standards e.g. BSI. Please see the appropriate Technical Manual for details.

REHAU would therefore like to point out that because of the differing conditions and requirements of individual sites, it is the responsibility of the window designer, fabricator and installer to check the suitability of REHAU Heritage components used.

Vertical Sliders

Superb Traditional Sightlines Give The REHAU Heritage Vertical Slider Unrivalled Authenticity

Vertical Sliders

General Description And Features Simple Construction

Two sashes built into the frame that can slide in opposing directions and will remain in any desired position. The sub-frame, which makes up 3 sides of the window (most popular configuration), is welded at the top two corners and mechanically joined at the bottom with a sill by means of screws. The sill is sealed off at each end with an end by means of screws. The sill is sealed off at each end with an end frame can also be an all welded construction with a clip-in sill. This detail is used in installations where stone sills are present.

Cutting Edge Profile Design

The three chambered sash profiles are designed with two front chambers to achieve good heat insulation characteristics and allow isolated drainage. The third chamber, allows the fitting of efficiently, designed reinforcement sections.


Each window frame contains six weather seal locator grooves, which allow for the insertion of seals between sash and frame. This creates an excellent barrier against both water and air ingress. In order to protect the brush seals against dirt and driving rain from the outside, the sub-frame is stepped twice. Furthermore, the concealed edges of the sashes provide an outstanding insulation factor.


A wide variety of standard hardware fittings may be used (please see your chosen hardware supplier for full details), as the REHAU Heritage system has been designed to accommodate as wide a range as possible so that all hardware requirements can be covered without limitation. Steel reinforced sliding latches allow the sashes to be tilted inwards to enable the window to be cleaned from the inside of the property and this facility is concealed for aesthetic and safety reasons. These can be locked off if desired to prevent unauthorised tilting of the sash. Standard balances of 14mm or 19mm diameter may be used with the REHAU Heritage system. It is also possible to fix all hardware into a specially designed steel or aluminium section for increased performance.

System Summary

  • Stepped frame with either mechanically jointed sill or fully welded options
  • Supplementary profiles and seals, including Georgian Bars
  • A comprehensive range of additional profiles from the REHAU Tritec 60mm casement system allow for easy and versatile installation options
  • Optional Heritage style horn replicates traditional timber aesthetics patented design
  • A contemporary window style is also available with the use of glazing bead profiles from the REHAU Tritec 60mm casement system

Sash Options

Heritage applications – 3 sash profiles which replicate the traditional putty line chamfer externally and a sculptured joinery detail on the glazing bead to the inside. Traditional timber aesthetics can be replicated by combining sight lines of 42mm, 52mm or 62mm with the 75mm Heritage Deep Bottom Rail. The 10mm incrementally stepped sash profiles allow for equal glazing sight lines to run from top to bottom sash, which creates an aesthetically pleasing finished product.


  • The main profiles are extruded to REHAU’s own white colour reference 159. All gaskets and low-level co-extruded profiles are available in an aesthetically pleasing 'Silver' colour as standard, to match with the Aluminium spacer bar within standard sealed units. Also White and Black gasketry are available as standard with all it’s associated
  • Additionally, REHAU Heritage can receive the REHAU Acryl II colour coating giving a total of more than 150 RAL colours.

For more information on Vertical Sliders, please contact Euroglaze on 01226 702553.