Rehau Bi-Fold Doors

Euroglaze manufacture the REHAU Bi-folding door system. As you would expect, we have thought hard about how to raise the standards when making a product in which tolerances must be tighter than ever.

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Rehau Bi-Fold Doors

We invested in software and machinery that both eliminates the need for human intervention with tape-measures, jigs and hand-tools. In addition we use processes that enable us to set much tighter tolerances on the finished sizes of our REHAU Bi-fold Doors than the competition.

Whether a simple three pane door or a larger multi-pane screen, open in or out, top or bottom hung, you can be assured that we have the experience, the people and the processes in place to make the REHAU Bi-fold Doors reliably 100%.

For more information regarding the manufacture and supply to the Trade for Rehau Bi-Fold Doors please contact us by calling on 01226 702553 or click here to access our enquiry form.