REHAU Heritage Sash Window System

Euroglaze has added the REHAU Heritage sash window system to its product portfolio, strengthening its claim that it offers the widest range of specialist REHAU products to the trade.

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REHAU Heritage Sash Window System

Euroglaze, which is renowned for its commitment to lean manufacturing processes and a cutting edge quality management regime, is now fabricating REHAU Heritage vertical sliders alongside its comprehensive range of products in REHAU TOTAL70. This includes both chamfered and sculptured casements, fully reversible windows, flush fitting windows and even the REHAU RAUFERNO fire rated window.

Previously we have been manufacturing vertical sliders in a different system, but we took the decision to switch to REHAU Heritage and focus on our strength as a REHAU supplier to the trade. Our customers now know that, whatever project or sales opportunity they’re working on, we have a REHAU product in our range which will suit them. We are making their lives easier by providing a huge range of options, ensuring that they don’t miss out on sales or waste time finding a different supplier every time they get an enquiry for a more specialist REHAU product.

The REHAU Heritage sash window system is an obvious fit in our range. It’s a market leading window which trade customers like because it has all the authentic looking features which their retail buyers are looking for and at the same time is easy to install. It also, of course, benefits hugely from the manufacturing precision and attention to detail which is our trademark.

REHAU Heritage sash window frames are now available from Euroglaze in white and a full range of woodgrain and foiled colours including the popular White Ash, Clotted Cream and Anthracite Grey. The company also offers a full choice of colours on its chamfered and sculptured casement and tilt and turn windows in REHAU TOTAL70C and REHAU TOTAL70S and on its fully reversible and flush fitting windows in REHAU TOTAL70R.

For the highest quality REHAU Heritage Sash Window System call our sales team on 01226 702553 for a discussion about your requirements.