Secured By Design

Our involvement in the commercial market has led us to develop a range of products that meet the gruelling Secured by Design standards, an initiative developed by the Police. With their toughened screws, thicker gauge steel and corner reinforcements, these super-sturdy frames really are significantly stronger than standard frames.

Tested For Toughness

They're tested to withstand thousands of Newtons of force, making them tough enough to make even the most persistent thief look for another target.

Gearing, Locking & Furniture

Gearing, Locking & Furniture

We've a wide range of gearing, locking and furniture options for every type of conservatory. Maco's locks have an unrivalled reputation for security and reliability. We carry a huge range of their products, from the basic espagnolette lock to their world-famous shootbolt locking system. We also fit stylish Fab 'n' Fix furniture on all our conservatories as standard.