Fire Rated Windows

With over twenty years of experience in the commercial window marketplace manufacturing RAUFERNO Fire Rated Frames, there are few applications where we have not provided windows.

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Fire Retardant Windows

From sound-proof rooms in massive power-stations to high-rise blocks of flats, Euroglaze RAUFERNO Fire Rated Frames have been installed and continue to work reliably. This experience means that we can offer you some extraordinary products that will give you the competitive edge.

RAUFERNO Fire Rated Frames

The dramatically named RAUFERNO system is designed to offer 30 minutes of protection from fire. Very few fabricators manufacture to a high enough standard to be trusted to make this product for such a critical application. We are proud to be one of the very few.

For the highest quality RAUFERNO Fire Rated Frames call our sales team on 01226 702553 for a discussion about your requirements.