Quality Accreditations

Each and every one represents the external approval of systems and processes that we employ every day of the year. Some companies change the way they work to gain the badge then go back to their old ways. At Euroglaze, we developed and changed the processes and then applied for the accreditation.


This means you have the reassurance of knowing that every frame, every day, is made following the best possible practices. It's thanks to this, that our rejection rate is so low and our consistency and quality are so very high.

For Us It's Simple

Give the best people the right support and the authority to change the way they work and they will instinctively improve the way the business performs. Our IIP accreditation is simply the cherry on the cake for a philosophy we hold at the heart of our business.

BS 7412

BS 7412

A kitemark that accredits the way we make our products. Testifying the quality of the components and the way in which we handle them. Our actual processes, checks and tests far outstretch those in the quality manual, so committed are we to producing products of the highest quality.

BS 7050

BS 7950

In instances where it's necessary to offer certified security performance, Euroglaze can manufacture products with these high security standards.



Our doors and French doors can also be manufactured to a specification that offers a certified level of security.

Secured By Design


Often specified by our commercial customers, we can make products to a specification that satisfies the exacting standards of the Secured by Design board. The ability to use the SBD logo offers our trade customers a competitive edge.