One Year and 500 Hours Saved

1st June 2022

Bradford-based Trade Window Outlet has just marked its one-year anniversary buying from Rehau specialist Euroglaze.
During that time Trade Window Outlet’s Managing Director Richard Aston estimates that he and his team have saved more than 500 hours in time that they spent trying to sort out issues with their previous supplier. One Year and 500 Hours Saved

He explained: “We used to buy all our Rehau frames from a different fabricator and almost invariably had to chase up missing items, sort out invoices for orders issued for items that hadn’t yet been delivered, or wait on the phone for someone to get back to us with information on stock availability.

“We’d got so used to that way of working, especially during the worst of the pandemic when there was a sense that there was no alternative, that we’d almost forgotten what it was like to deal with a fabricator who really seemed to value our business.

“The contrast with Euroglaze couldn’t have been more stark. They are very clearly better resourced than our previous supplier – even though they’re a medium rather than a large fabricator, and, in Nicky, Rosie, Janet, Gemma and Julie, they seem to have a customer service team that genuinely cares about service!

One Year and 500 Hours Saved

“The systems are obviously in place which means they can be proactive in telling us when we place an order which items are in stock and when they will be delivered, and orders almost invariably arrive on time and in full. They just make it easy to do business with them, with automated order acknowledgements, barcode scanning of deliveries so we know what’s been received and when, and imaging of ancillaries packing so we can be sure that all the required screws and handles are fully batched with every order.

“We never have to chase them, but when we do call the customer service team, they are helpful and responsive and really professional. We estimate that they save us a couple of hours every day.”

Trade Window Outlet, which has its own trade counter in Bradford, supplies trade customers in and around the city, and has two of its own fitting teams working in the retail market. Richard Aston added that his fitting teams also report that the quality of the Rehau frames from Euroglaze is better than from the previous big name. He said: “Just as we are saving time and money on ordering, we are also saving time and money on supply and fit because these are ‘fit and forget’ frames with almost zero snagging and remedials.

“Like almost every window company, we’ve been incredibly busy over the past year and one of the main reasons we’ve been able to cope so well and even grow during that time is the fact that Euroglaze has been behind us all the way.”

One Year and 500 Hours Saved

Martin Nettleton, Euroglaze’s Managing Director, said that Trade Window Outlet is typical of the businesses that have switched to Euroglaze over the past year – turned off by poor service from big name fabricators and turned on by working with a supplier that aims to put the customer first. He explained: “We never forget that time is money for installers and trade stockists, so our business is geared to helping them to be as efficient as possible and to be able to generate profitable growth.

“We supply the complete range of Rehau products as well as PVC and composite doors, so customers who like our quality and service don’t need to go anywhere else.”

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